Video Of Drone Hitting Commercial Airliner, Knocking Off Chunk Of Wing Is FAKE: Confirmed

This footage from LiveLeak purports to show a plan having taken off from an NYC airport this morning before it collided with a drone in-flight. Around :18 of this video you can see the drone make contact with the wingtip, completely demolishing the wing of this commercial airliner. All we can really tell from the video is that the plane is fro Southwest Airlines, as evidenced by the iconic Southwest paint on the wingtip. Aside from being able to see the cityscape in the background you can hear the child saying ‘bye bye, New York’, so we’re to assume that the plane has just taken off and is not landing.

I’ve yet to find any major news outlets pick up this video, but after being uploaded only one hour ago this video has already amassed 21,000 views (and counting). Quite a few of the comments on LiveLeak are trolls wearing tinfoil hats, who simply refuse to believe that such a thing could happen. But why shouldn’t we believe this footage? I’m particularly naive when it comes to content being faked on the Internet, but there’s no reason at all to think this video is fake, right? RIGHT?!?!?!?

UPDATE: Confirmed FAKE

If you look closely at the wing with the Southwest design you can see the logo for the website Which takes you here:


What can I say? As I sated before I’m gullible when it comes to viral videos, and there’s no reason to assume something is fake. In life the assumption is reality.