Girl Drops Her Baby On The Ground To Start Pummeling Other Chick In The Head During All-Out Brawl

There’s two ways to look at what’s going down in this video:

1. The girl dropped her child so that she wouldn’t get hit during the fight, thereby saving her minus the bruise on her ass from falling
2. The girl dropped her child so she could go beat the snot out of the chick wearing the atrocious lime-green top and leopard print pants

Maybe it’s just me, but the third option that no one seems to have considered here is “Don’t start fighting while there’s a shitload of children around.” But what do I know? I’ve never been in a fight and I also don’t have any kids, so maybe chucking them down into the pavement and then going straight for the face is the best strategy when it comes to winning.

[H/T Daily Mail]