U.S. Map Shows Most Googled Drug In Each State From 2004 to 2014

According to a decade’s worth of Google searches wrangled by Withdrawal.net, a lot has changed when it comes to drugs in America. Or, rather, there’s at least been a shift in the drugs America has become infatuated with learning more about. What was once a country DOMINATED by cocaine-related Internet searches has now become infatuated with the likes of heroin, meth and adderall. What a breath of fresh air. Graduating from cocaine to heroin and meth can only mean great things for the good old USofA, right?

Probably not. Probably means we’re going to continue to send our country further into the shitter. But hey, that’s life, motherfuckers.

Below is a map of how each state’s drug-related Google searches have changed in the last decade. The only thing that is somewhat surprising is that of all the states, Florida might be the only one that’s never had meth be it’s most popular search term at any given time. Then again, that’s likely attributed to people in FL being meth experts from birth. No need to Google something that comes natural. That would be like me Googling “How to Jerk Off.”  Total waste of time.

Here are the top cities for each drug. Props to Philly for killing the heroin beat.