Let’s Play A Game Called ‘What Drugs Is This Guy Who’s Talking Shit To A Subway Pole On?’

This man somehow got “disrespected” by a subway pole and in retaliation he berates the metal object for four minutes.

There are plenty of people that deserved to be screamed at in the subway, like the guy that eats a bologna, head cheese and Gorgonzola sandwich that stinks up the entire subway car. Or you could scold the pervert that purposely pushes his dick onto innocent girls on the subway when it’s not even crowded. However the last thing should cause you to go on a four minute tirade is a subway pole.

This gentleman flies off the handle and gives this poor subway pole quite the tongue lashing. He is so angered by the pole that he even spits on it! I can’t imagine what the pole did that could cause this much fury. He challenges the pole to “come to his hood” for a fight. In the defense of the pole, it is an inanimate object which is fastened to the floor, so it would be extremely difficult to meet up for a brawl outside of the subway car.

The man should work on his insults though, I would have thrown in, “You’re not even good enough to be a stripper pole with hot girls thrusting their vaginas on you. You’re just a dirty subway pole with the feces-laden fingers of people who didn’t wash their hands after wiping their asses on you.”

I attempted to diagnose what drugs this guy could be on. Based on all of his motivation and aggression, we can safely take out marijuana as his drug of choice on this day. Alcohol doesn’t usually cause hallucinations, so we can cross that off the list. Mushrooms might cause hallucinations, but it’s not making you that angry. I was thinking PCP, but his speech is not slurred at all and he is way too energetic. After much debate, it is my opinion that if this man is on drugs that he would be on bath salts.