Drunk Dude Stands Near A Railing And Nothing Happens… JK He Flips Over It Epically

by 4 years ago
Drunk Guy Fall Over Railing


In my continuing award-winning coverage of drunk people falling, I bring you “Drunk Dude Flips Over Porch.”

You know someone is a good friend when they see that you’re flirting dangerously close with flipping over the side of a porch, but instead of telling you to back up, they whip out their phone and start filming it. It’s like the spinach test. A true friend will tell you if you have spinach in your teeth. This is the same thing.

Although, he probably would’ve felt like a jerk if his friend landed weirdly and broke his neck… which actually, after re-watching the video, seems to be a distinct possibility. Drunk Dude doesn’t appear to move after the fall. But that could also just be because he’s blackout drunk. Drunks hate moving, especially once they’ve made their way to the ground.

I feel like when you’re that drunk, sometimes when you fall, wherever you land just becomes your new bed for the time being. You fall awkwardly into a giant puddle of piss, but instead of frantically getting up and going to shower, you just say to yourself, “Well, guess this is where I’ll be spending the next five hours.”

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