Two Drunk Turdbuckets Fighting Near A Lake Is A Cornucopia Of Emotions, But Mostly Will Make You Laugh

by 1 year ago

This fight features two drunk gentlemen throwing down near a lake, but it is a roller coaster of emotions. If this brouhaha was a relationship on Facebook it would have the status of “It’s Complicated.”

On one hand, drunks fighting is always funny because of the extreme lack of hand-eye coordination. Then when you throw a lake into the equation, and it’s a gosh darn laugh riot. All this fight needs is a Yakety Sax background and I’d pee my pants in jollity.

However, as hysterical as this video is, you come to the realization that this brawl could be classified as attempted murder. At the :48 mark, the lesser of the two drunk men picks up a large rock from the ground and brandishes it as a weapon. Throughout the video, the more sober fella continually knocks the fall-down-drunk into the lake, where he could potentially drown. While the plastered dude attempts to get out of the water he is greeted with kicks to the face. Thankfully, the kicker falls on his ass during one of his Jason Elam impressions.

By all accounts, it appears that nobody died during this video except for the goateed guy’s liver, so we can sit back and laugh at these two fartknockers.


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