Definitely A Little Upset I Wasn’t On This Flight Where The Pilot Had To Subdue A Drunk Passenger

I don’t think I ever realized that people actually get drunk on planes until recently. Sure, Dierks Bentley sings about it and they do it in Wolf of Wall Street, but I assumed they were just making shit up. Coincidentally, today’s story about a drunk on a Kentucky airline ends kind of like said scene in Wolf of Wall Street.

While attempting to force his way off of a plane, a drunk passenger got into a physical argument with a flight attendant, leading the pilot to physically restrain the passenger.

Never fight the dude at the controls. Of anything. You’re automatically the bad guy. Even if the dude behind the controls rip said controls out of the motherboard and beats you over the head with them, you’re still wrong. No one wants to side against the dude at the wheel. They need him way more than they need you. You piss off the dude at the wheel, who knows where you’re going to end up. So, really, I personally feel as if this drunk passenger is being portrayed in a bit of a bad light. He just wanted to get off the plane and ended up pissing off the one person on the plane that he was not supposed to piss off.

[h/t Daily Mail]