Drunkest Dude Alive Pees Himself And Forgets How Legs Work, And You’ll Be Glad You Watched

by 3 years ago

That’s perseverance, people. Right when you were ready to count him out and watch him bite the pavement, he performs a nifty sidestep with his brand new legs. He even attempts a little jog after he pissed down his leg, probably because walking was getting too easy. You see a pathetic drunk asshole, I see a man not willing to take ‘no’ for an answer. A fighter.

I have sympathy for the dude because this is exactly how I walk after leg day. Minus the whole pissing my pants and falling down in an Enterprise Rent-A-Car parking lot part. Stumble on, playa. Stumble on.

P.S. Props to the narrator for the “he looks like he’s going to trust fall” line. Brilliant.

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