Dude Tries To Take Selfie With A Rattlesnake, Rattlesnake Isn’t Feeling It, And OMG BRO YOUR ARM

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This San Diego dude named Todd Fassler went to painstaking measures to snap a selfie. Like to the point where he almost lost his arm. Todd just wanted an innocent picture with a rattlesnake, but the rattlesnake didn’t like the scent of Todd and bit into his right arm, releasing poisonous venom.

Fassler was rushed to the hospital where they used their entire supply of anti-venom medication. He was then sent to another nearby hospital, where he depleted their stock of anti-venom vaccination as well.

As you can tell from the picture below, it looks like he needed it.

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 6.35.20 PM


What may be even more painful than getting bit by a rattlesnake is the price of getting bit by a rattlesnake. Anti-venom is a pricey antidote, evident is Hassler’s hospital bill of $153,161.25. Yes, $153,161.25. The pharmacy costs, consisting of solely the anti-venom was a whopping $83,341.25.

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 6.44.55 PM


What’s interesting is that venomous snake bites may not necessarily be as lethal as you would think. According to the Daily Mail, The Center for Disease Control estimates that up to 8,000 people a year are bitten by venomous snakes in the US. Out of this total only five or six people die.

Todd, I’d love to kick you some cash to help you out with that bill but I’d be going against my golden rule: live with the consequence of your selfie. Good luck, bro.

[h/t Daily Mail]

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