I See Myself In This Dude Who’s Trying To Sell His Snowed-In Car On Craigslist For $100 Rather Than Dig It Out

by 2 years ago


“I’m not looking to dig this bitch out. First Hundo takes it.”

Sometimes you just have to rid yourself of the dead weight in your life. Cut the fat. This is difficult for every sentimental man. Did I want to sell my signed high school letterman jacket to the thrift store? Fuck no, but I was two weeks late on rent and I wasn’t getting as many looks from ladies when I did laps around the Food Court of the mall. So I did a quick risk/reward analysis and although I was worth far more to my JV football team than a measly $8 (especially my senior year), I needed to keep the home where I shelf all my participation trophies.

This dude is undergoing the same conundrum.

He recognizes that it will take more time to get a new job and get promoted to the corner office than to put in the time and resources to dig that bitch out. In Economics, it’s what we call ‘opportunity cost.’ Not only that, but it’s a 2010 model. When that thing finally gets unburied, driving a 2010 model around will be the car equivalent of trading in Pepsi cans for a handful of nickels. Tough look all around. If I were this dude, I’d get my hundo and cut off all communication before the buyer figures out he just bought a ticket aboard the Titanic.

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[h/t Death and Taxes]

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