Dude Loops In All His Ex-Girlfriends On A Merry Xmas Text And Sometimes The Worst Decisions Pay Off The Most

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The holidays bring out the sentimental side in us. The feelings we’ve been suppressing all year round are suddenly released by way of ill-advised text messages over our fifth eggnog rum concoction. We shoot off errant text messages to our exes in hopes that we can obtain a tiny slither of the love being shared between our friends and their girlfriends who are exercising the power of true, all-encompassing love. Or just to get some ass.

Definitely just to get some ass.

This dude Tom decided to try a little social experiment by looping all his ex girlfriends in on a group text wishing them a Merry Christmas. I’m not sure what the end game was, but if it was to alienate his exes forever, this plan is brilliant.

In no way could he possibly think that this dumpster fire of a mission would land him some tail, but the world is an unpredictable place, bros.

ex girl2

ex girl3

ex girl4

ex girl5

ex girl6

Tom, you lucky fuck.

[h/t LADbible]

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