BRO TIP: Don’t Start Barking At A Dude In A Motorcycle Helmet Or You’ll Be Headbutted Into Tomorrow

by 4 years ago

It baffles me that the headbutt was like the least impactful part of the video. Usually, a face full of fiberglass would turn any situation into an all-out melee, but the dude treated getting dropped in the breakdown lane in front of his entire family as no more than a nuisance. I guess it takes the brain a few moments before it realizes that every bone in your face is shattered.

And bro, if you’re going to try to plow some dudes with your truck, then aggressively put it in reverse to confront them, you best have your head on a swivel. Because one of them fuckers is going deliver a blow. This is Road Etiquette 101 anywhere south of the Mason-Dixon line. Be better.

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 6.02.40 PM


Good try, good effort.

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