Dude Can’t Get Out Of His Parking Spot So He Does What You Or I Would Do: LIFTS THE DAMN CAR UP LIKE A MAN

by 5 years ago

$20 bucks if you call this dude a ‘pussy’ to his face. I need video evidence of it though before I can send payment. Or maybe I’ll just use the money to send flowers to the funeral home after he squashes your head like a Gusher. There are men, and then there are MEN. I use 90 pound dumbbells when doing shrugs and that’s fucking manly. This savage deadlifts a two tons of metal like he’s picking up a fucking bag of groceries. That’s MANLY. You know you’re superhuman when lifting your damn car is more convenient than navigating your way out of a boxed in car situation. I’m almost 100% sure this dude eats human flesh as an appetizer.

P.S. Has anyone every been more in awe than the two onlookers? Look like they just saw Big Foot. Or a dude lifting a fucking car. They’re both equally as impressive.

[h/t LadBible]