I’d Bet The Farm This Dude Who Powerpuked On A Chick’s Head Did Not Hook Up That Night

There are certain things that a gentleman can do to greatly decrease his chances of hooking up with a female. Being overly aggressive, being ugly, whipping their dick out when it was not asked for and puking on the head of said girl who you were interested in taking to Bone Town. The latter was the case for this poor drunk fuck.

We take you to Israel where a Vladimir Pukin lost his cookies before entering a nightclub. When the bouncer asks for identification, the young lady drops her I.D. and it turns out to be a biiiiiiiig mistake. This fella AKA My Name Is Hurl blew chunks and blew his chances at any post-bar romance all in one fell swoop. Puke Nukem here vomited all in her hair AND probably was not granted access to the bar because he was too fucked up. Double whammy because it fucked up the night for his friends. Plus, I can’t imagine that a girl is turned out by you blowing chunks into her hair. On the bright side, maybe Mountain Dew and stomach acid make for a wonderful hair conditioner.

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