Ba Da Ba Ba Ba I’m Packing Heat: Dude At McDonald’s Pulls Handgun On Employee In Drive Thru Argument

Another day, another jerk off white dude with a piece.

Today’s entry comes from outside Salt Lake City, Utah, where this tough Bro is so upset about a dispute at a drive-thru that he whips out a handgun and threatens an employee, as well as a person filming him.

He gets enough tougher toward the video’s end, when he drops his handgun (SMART!), to let everyone know he doesn’t even need it.

“I don’t even need it,” he shouts.

Judging by what a dipshit twerp he is, and the fact that he pulled it out during a dispute at a McDonald’s drive-thru, he probably does.

Police in Murray, just south of Salt Lake, where the incident occurred, are investigating.

Murray Police Officer Kenny Bass said police are pursuing leads in the case — and are working to identify the people seen in the video.

“The video is great evidence, and shows really good images of the suspects, of the vehicle, and of exactly what occurred,” Bass said. “But it’s bittersweet because the individual in the car that was taking the video put themselves in a position that could have been extremely dangerous.”

[Via New York Daily News]

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