Dude Who Tricked A Guy Into Believing He’s On The ‘Bang Bus’ Should Be Run Over By The Bang Bus

by 5 years ago

Imagine the disappointment. One minute you’re about to cross ‘Fuck Two Chicks In The Back of a Bang Bus, Become Legend’ off your Bucket List, and then the next minute you’ve got two meatsticks from Gold’s Gym breathing down your neck ready to shred your rectum. I almost want to launch a Kickstarter campaign to pay for this dude’s therapy. The dismantling psychological impact of this stunt is going to follow this poor bastard to his grave.

“Sorry babe, I know I have trust issues but that’s because when I was 22 I was almost tricked into fucking two body builders in the back of a van after I was on the cusp of living out my ultimate fantasy. I need to call off the wedding.”

And I’m all for a good prank. There are only three topics that are off limits for me:

  1. Pregancy
  2. Death
  3. Bang Bus

In reverse order.

If this asshole doesn’t get jail time for this prank, America needs to rewrite the Constitution. The system is broken. Like this guy’s spirit.

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 1.02.01 PM


For all the wrong reasons, bro.


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