The World’s Biggest Scumbag Wins Lottery Then Immediately Divorces His Wife Before Collecting Winnings

Wolf Of Wall Street


This dude may be the biggest scumbag in human existence.

A Chinese man who won 4.6 million yuan ($722,469) in China’s national lottery decided to immediately cut the dead weight out of his life–by responsibly paying off his debts, getting rid of his melon of a vehicle, and oh ya, divorcing his peasant wife.

According to Independent:

Liu Xiang found out he had scooped 4.6 million yuan in February, but proceeded to initiate the divorce with his wife, Yuan Li, without telling her about his win and picked up his money a day later.

Liu’s poor wife would have been kept in the dark about the big news for an indiscernible amount of time if a family friend hadn’t phoned her to congratulate them on their, sorry *his, winnings.

Predicatably, his ex-wife wasn’t going to go down without a fight.

His ex-wife sued him for half of the sum after learning of his windfall and a court ordered him to pay her a quarter of the winnings from the ticket he purchased on Chinese New Year’s Eve, according to The Times.

IN LIU’S DEFENSE, he was always a scumbag.

According to the South China morning Post, the couple’s relationship began to deteriorate back in 2013 when Liu started fucking his ex.

Mr. Liu said that the series of events was merely a coincidence, but was ordered by a court to pay his wife $235,220 for being a dick.

I can’t help but view this story as a feel-good, win-win type situation. Eventually, Liu’s character, or lack thereof, was going to shine through and each of them was going to live a mutually miserable existence together. This money was a catalyst to blow up a toxic relationship. Now, they can start over and pursue a life they’ve imagined.

But if I know Liu like I think I know Liu, that money will be blown by next month and he’ll come crawling back to his ex with his dick in his hand asking to sleep on her couch.

Spend wisely, brah.

[h/t TFM]