This Dude’s Piss Poor Excuse For Having Weed Prompted Police To Mock The Poor Guy On Social Media

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super troopers

Listen, I’m not one to judge anyone’s decisions when they’re stoned. I once was so stoned, I pulled into my neighbor’s driveway. I could only imagine how I would have reacted if the police inserted themselves into the situation. I would have probably started crying and vomiting simultaneously.

But my job isn’t to sympathize with people, it’s to mock them and their poor decisions so I can go home, have six beers, and feel good about myself.

So when this 26-year-old dude got pulled over by a couple of St. Marys, Georgia police officers with a zip locked bag full of loud, he had to act quickly in thinking of an excuse. “It’s not mine,” “I have glaucoma,” and *take off and lead police through a high-speed chase through town* are all logical solutions that come to my mind.

He went a different route, and got mocked for it. Check out below.

Look, If we have said it once, we have said a zillion times! No matter how hard you try to convince us this green leafy…

Posted by St. Marys Police Department on Friday, July 31, 2015

Good try, good effort, brah.



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