NOOOOPE: Watch These Two Lunatic Dudes Practice Parkour On The Edge Of A Skyscraper In Russia

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I'm nothing. Day with my people .#olegcricket

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All we Gods

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Am I a Beta male? Was anyone else gripping the arms of their chairs while they watched those? Anyone? Bueller? Ok, ya I guess that answers the Beta male question. But pardon me for not getting kicks from teetering off the side of a fucking skyscraper. If I wanted to get a rush of adrenaline, I’d text my ex a dick pic and eagerly await her response or tell my mom I got a stranger pregnant. That pretty much fulfills my daily dose of ‘o shit o shit o shit.’ I already have high blood pressure from drinking like a fish and avoiding the gym, I don’t need to literally push myself to the edge like these goons.

And there is no one in the world I’d trust to hold my hand as I dangled over the edge of a building. That’s just leaving too much to chance. What if this dude found out before parkour practice that his friend fingered his girlfriend back in eighth grade? What if the dude was watching a Tory Black porn before practice and decided to lube up with a little KY? That shit’s slick. But I guess if you’re from Russia, dying is less of a fear than a way out.

Their Instagram is tight.

I just play with life.

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