Dumbest Drug Smuggler Ever Basically Got Herself Arrested

by 4 years ago

A woman named Sylvia Mashiah was just chilling, working her way thorough a customs checkpoint at the Mexican border near San Diego with an alleged 27 pounds of methamphetamine hidden in her car. Then she did something REALLY stupid.

After being found clean and was released to head on her merry way she reportedly made a wrong turn, right into a lot reserved for suspect vehicles to be examined by federal agents.

Reports The Smoking Gun

As reported in a probable cause statement, Mashiah, a Los Angeles resident, was cleared for entry into the U.S. after a “primary” inspection. However, she “mistakenly drove the vehicle to the secondary lot where Customs and Border Protection Officers inspected the vehicle.”

A “secondary” inspection involves a more thorough questioning of the driver, a closer inspection of the vehicle, and a canine review of the auto. The “secondary” inspection is usually ordered due to the suspicions of the agent who first contacted the driver (as well as any passengers).

It was there that they found 12.45 kilos of methamphetamine in 17 packages concealed in her 2006 Ford Focus’s rear quarter panels.

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