Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Shares Post-Workout Pic And His Legs Are Bigger Than Your Goddamn Body

It was announced this week that The Rock will be at WrestleMania 32 in Dallas on April 3. While that’s months away, Dwayne Johnson is not resting on his laurels or apparently anything else.

Instead of gorging on Christmas cookies and yummy leftovers, The Rock was back in the gym during the holidays chiseling his Adonis-like figure.

On Tuesday night, Johnson shared a post-workout photo and good god man, Dwayne does not skip leg day.


Tonight we trained “the beefs” aka legs. I passed out after we took this pic from holding my breath and trying to look cool. #IronParadise #ABeefyKindaJoint

No, those are not tree trunks, those are actually The Rock’s muscular thighs. His legs are the size of two human beings. Someone please tell Dwayne that wrestling is fake and he doesn’t need to work out THIS friggin’ hard. Dwayne nicknamed his legs “the beefs,” which is rather coincidental because my legs are named after food as well… noodles.