Bro Eats Ton Of Adderall Then Becomes An Absolute Maniac DMing With His Matches On Tinder

I think it’s pretty important to start a post like this with a disclaimer: In no way is this advocating this Reddit user’s actions. This guy is out of control and it’s pretty obviously a bad thing in his life. In fact, there are two very important parts to this story — The admittedly funny Tinder rampage Reddit user jackthebutholeripper went on AND his very important disclosure about why he wishes he never started taking Adderall in the first place. Clearly it’s wreaked some long-term damage on his brain and train of thought.

Read to the bottom of the post for his lengthy rant about using Adderall. Meanwhile, here’s a good reminder of why amphetamines and  Tinder (amongst many, many things) don’t mix.

Now that you’re through, here’s his important PSA attached in the comments section of the thread:

Hey gang, I realize this post is already past its prime but I feel the need to hijack the top comment in order to make something clear. I don’t usually like being this guy butt fuck it 😉

It wasn’t my intention for this post to advocate the abuse of amphetamine based narcotics, such as adderall. While I joke about it, I wish I would have never started taking it.

If you are an adult who is already supporting him/herself financially in a professional field, this not a road you want to go down. Even if your just a college/high school student, getting by with decent grades, even if you have the shittiest grades, you need to strongly consider the implications of this decision.
Adderall is not a cureall, it is extremely addictive, and can have some very serious long-term side-effects. I have been lucky enough to manage so far but have gone on a number of months long-benders, staying up 2-3 days at a time over and over.

You think amphetamines are gonna help you lose weight and be more social? Not 3 years from now when you are fucking hooked, taking 3x your dose a day, and not sleeping or eating at all enough when you’re on it (sleep deprivation causes massive weight gain) turninh you into a fuckinh zombie and legitimitately weirding people out all over the place, then doing nothing but sleeping and eating when you run out (sleeping and eating like a sloth also causes massive weight gain). It turns into a vicous cycle that is near impossible to get out of.
It might seem like an easy solution now, and even when you start taking it, things might seem to be going really well, but thats just euphoria from the bubble, and the bubble can last a long time, and no you can’t just enjoy a little 6 month maybe 1-2 year bubble. You will be hooked. You can’t just get off. I’ve tried. There is an unbelievable brain fog, it ruins you, and after months of trying i couldnt take it anymore, i almost completely fucked up my business because i couldnt get myself out of that fucking fog. I went back to the rall and promised myself Id keep my dosage steady, which i have had a lot of trouble doing. Even after 6 months cold ass turkey, your tolerance builds right back up.

Seriously, all you might actually need is to jog a couple miles each morning, instead.
I don’t want this post to convince a single person who has never taken adderall to try it, but looking at the comments, I see its probably too late for that. Which is why im making this comment.

Amphetamines are bad news, and while i have been lucky enough to get my shit back in check and keep it there (barely) enough so far to appear like a normal, functioning member of society, i fear i will end up being dependent on it to some extent for the rest of my life. Or that I am just one bender away from rock bottom and too fucking stupid to realize it. I am a fucking slave to this shit, drone-like even, I feel like a pathetic loser the way i depend on it at times.

When I run out of adderall, every dream i have is about adderall and it fucking sucks. My greatest fear on this planet is that stimulant based prescription meds will somehow dissapear and my life will just completely fall apart, forcing me to turn to something like meth (oral) in order to maintain.

And guys, I’m not joking. I think it might be starting to fuck with my dick a little.

Just don’t do it.

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