Bro Eats ‘A Shitload Of Adderall’ Then Becomes An Absolute Maniac DMing With His Matches On Tinder

by 1 year ago


I think it’s pretty important to start a post like this with a disclaimer: In no way is this advocating this Reddit user’s actions. This guy is out of control and it’s pretty obviously a bad thing in his life. In fact, there are two very important parts to this story — The admittedly funny Tinder rampage Reddit user jackthebutholeripper went on AND his very important disclosure about why he wishes he never started taking Adderall in the first place. Clearly it’s wreaked some long-term damage on his brain and train of thought.

Read to the bottom of the post for his lengthy rant about using Adderall. Meanwhile, here’s a good reminder of why amphetamines and  Tinder (amongst many, many things) don’t mix.





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