This Eating Other People’s Food Prank Seems Like A Great Way To Get Murdered

I follow three “No-No” rules about eating:

  1. I Don’t Eat Brussels Sprouts
  2. I Don’t Eat The Pussy Of A Friend’s Girlfriend
  3. I Don’t Eat Other People’s Food

The first rule is super easy to abide by since Brussels Sprouts taste like the grass stuck in Calvin Johnson’s football cleats from playing on a muddy field that have been blended together with his sweaty socks after a tightly contested game that went into overtime. The second rule can be difficult to say no to at times, but eating the box of the girlfriend of your boy is low-down and not becoming of a decent friend or human being.  The third rule about eating other people’s food should be this internal instinct that has been ingrained in your genetic code since the dawn of time. Just think how many lives would have been saved if the Native Americans didn’t eat the pizza that Christopher Columbus brought over from Europe that would have prevented them from contracting Smallpox. In today’s world you don’t know if that person just got done eating the ass of a prostitute and then sat down at the table for some piping hot goulash. Now if you steal a bit you’ll get the fecal bits and whatever other creatures are crawling around on that man’s repulsive tongue. These lads from OckTV are much braver or dumber than I and went around New York City to eat the food of complete strangers. There’s definitely a possibility that they could have been punched in the face for grabbing another man’s wiener. Then with all of the Ebola hysteria I just could not see myself taking a big swig from a stranger’s bottle water only for a YouTube video. Great prank guys and congratulations on not getting killed, now please go directly to the hospital to get checked out for communicable diseases.