eBay Cancels Auction Of Aaron Hernandez’s ‘Murder Car’ After Bidding Reaches Ridiculous Amount

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Yesterday, we brought you the news of Aaron Hernandez’s silver 2006 Toyota 4Runner, which prosecutors claim was the “murder car” used in a drive-by double homicide, being put up on eBay as an “infamous” collectible item.

The 4Runner is owned by Jack Fox, a car dealer in East Providence, Rhode Island, and had been leased to Hernandez. Fox contacted Buddy Clair, a car dealer in Westford, Massachusetts, to put the car up for sale on eBay.

The shameless eBay description of the vehicle also offered a framed autographed jersey from Hernandez himself for the highest bidder, dubbing the items as “infamous pieces of football memorabilia.”

When I wrote the initial post last night at around dinner time, the bidding was eclipsing $15,000. By 10 pm last night, 115 bids had been offered on the SUV and bidding had reached $101,005 before eBay terminated the auction orignally scheduled to end Sunday.

“eBay pulled the ad off,’’ said Buddy Clair, owner of Westford Auto Sales who had posted the SUV for sale. “I have no idea why. It’s valuable to somebody and somebody should have the right to own it without being criticized,’’ Clair said. “If we got lucky on this and sold it, we had talked about donating to the people that were involved in the history of it.”

Oh cut it with the donation schtick, Buddy. Just stick with the ‘I’m a grimy used car salesman trying to put food on the table and a collection of new toupees” card.

According to The Boston Globe, Clair has written to eBay asking for an explanation for the removal, but still wasn’t sure what the company’s reasoning was.

Anyone know where I can bid on the O.J. Simpson glove? That would fit nicely on a shelf next to my collection of human hair.

[h/t The Boston Globe]

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