Pranksters Go To EDC In Vegas To Pretend Like They’re Selling Drugs, But Really It’s Just Tic Tacs And Altoids

EDC in Vegas looks absolutely absurd. The PLUR-preeching ravers who look like cartoon characters, the 24/7 partying, every single hot club girl ever, the insane temperatures. Absolutely ridiculous.

These guys thought it’d be fun to hit up EDC in Vegas to make a prank video where they sell “drugs” to ravers hitting up the music festival. The names of their product to “trip balls” are absurd: “Starbust,” “Glory Rocks,” “The Denver Nug,” and “Stacey” — a.k.a. “Molly’s Sister!”

Some people think they are getting said new designer drug. But in reality they’re just dolling out Tic Tacs and Altoids to show how badly silly ravers want to party.