Edward Snowden Brags On Twitter About All The Nudes He Gets Sent, Lets The Ladies Know The FBI Sees Them Too


Getty Image

Being an wanted fugitive is one way to get the ladies riled up, and there’s nothing more bad boy than international espionage.

Edward Snowden, though? Dude is normcore as fuck, khakis and a spread collar without a tie, even if he did expose the largest illicit surveillance program in the history of the world.

That doesn’t make me hard, but it apparently gets women wet. More like Edward RAIN-den because the pussy be dripping.

He took to Twitter to let everyone know he’s getting nudies left and right. It wasn’t only a humblebrag. Snowden wanted to warn women the FBI might be getting them as well.

Mr. Snowden did not respond to my request to send him nudes.

[H/T @elongreen]

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