This ‘Balancing Egg On The Head’ Prank Is Brilliant, And This Man’s Reaction To Getting Pranked Is Even Better

Meet Jeff. Jeff thinks he has the world’s greatest balance. When it comes to balancing eggs on one’s head Jeff believes that he is a gift from God. He could stand there all day in his shop, covered in oil, and that egg would stay right on top of his head because Jeff’s flat as a board. Only Jeff’s balance has nothing to do with the fact that the egg is stuck to the top of his head, it’s the glue.

I don’t know about you bros, but to me it seems like kind of a dick move to SUPERGLUE and egg to a man’s head all in the name of a good prank. That said, Jeff seems to laugh this off and handle it like a champ. So what if he’s going to lose that little plume of hair on the top of his head, Jeff’s a champ and he’s laughing it off in stride. The world needs more people like Jeff:


YouTube / Sam Wilkinson

[YouTube / Sam Wilkinson]