El Chapo Reportedly Had SO MUCH Sex While In Prison (More Than You That’s For Damn Sure)

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How often do you single Bros have sex? Once every week? Probably not. Even if you are crushing it, you’re maybe pulling down a lay every other week.

If that’s your number, then El Chapo was straight up bruisin’ compared to you. And he was in a maximum security prison.

In the year-and-a-half he was held in Altiplano, Mexico’s most secure prison (which, remember, he escaped from), he was granted 46 conjugal visits. That’s one every nine days.

Nice, dude.

Mexican reporter Anabel Hern√°ndez broke the news in Proceso. It is not revealed exactly who came for each visit, but his wife was reportedly on his list of visitors.

“Honey, what are you talking about? I couldn’t cheat on you. I was in prison. Yes. Very secure. No one else came in. No, not at all.”

According to the report, prisoners at Altiplano are allowed conjugal visits by law, but the few who are granted the privilege of jail sex are allowed, at best, a visitor about once a month.

Crime pays.

[Via Huffington Post; H/T Complex]