Mexican Druglord ‘El Chapo’ Calls Out Donald Trump Again On Twitter, Says He Isn’t Worried About Any Wall

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Our old buddy, druglord and expert at escaping prisons, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman is back on Twitter and has now given us another one of his hot takes. This time it’s about Donald Trump and the U.S. Presidential Election.

After putting a massive bounty on Trump’s head last year, one can imagine that he isn’t too keen on The Donald becoming the 45th American President. And one would be correct.

Tweeting last night, “El Chapo” had this to say…

“The representative of hatred, confrontation, racism, persecution and misogyny that is so palpable in the world won. What a sad situation for everyone.”

“The wall is not a problem. I can knock it down, jump over it, go below it. But how many deportations do not come, how many families will be separated.”

Well, we do already know that he is very skilled in going underneath walls, so he’s not lying about that.

“El Chapo” also posted other tweets Thursday night including a quote from Martin Luther King Jr. about learning to live together as brothers, which I believe officially makes this election somehow even more bizarre than it already was. Thanks, “El Chapo!”

[Daily News]

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