New Footage Of El Chapo’s Escape Shows Prison Guards Doing Jack Shit While His Accomplices Tunnel Through The Floor

New footage of El Chapo’s escape from his prison cell shows that while his accomplices tunneled through the floor under the shower, the only blind spot in the cell, guards remained at their posts doing nothing until it was too late. In order to drown out the sound of his accomplices tunneling through the ground El Chapo reportedly turned up the volume on his television which, you know, should probably be suspicious since his cell isn’t exactly large enough to warrant surround sound, but what do I know. Maybe half of the prison is hard of hearing going on deaf and blasting your television at full volume is just an average Tuesday night. According to The Guardian,

Televisa also showed concurrent footage of what it said was the control center meant to be monitoring the prisoners in the Altiplano penitentiary not far from Mexico City.

Several people were shown watching their screens but apparently failing to notice or ignoring what was happening in Guzmán’s cell. However, it was not possible to see what was showing on the screens of the staff in the control room.

34 people have reportedly been arrested over El Chapo’s escape, however the Sinaloa Cartell boss still remains at large.

[H/T The Guardian]