Do You Think That These Fine British Chaps Will Get Their Ass Kicked Vacationing in Los Angeles?

Obviously inspired by the hilarious British reality show “An Idiot Abroad” created by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, these two gentlemen from Colburn, U.K. take a holiday in the great city of Los Angeles. One of the blokes is extremely exuberant to explore America and has already mapped out their adventures, meanwhile Paul who was sleeping does not have the same fervor for sightseeing. The one man is dressed from head-to-toe in ‘Murica gear with U.S. flags covering his body, to which the “snoozy bear” describes him as:

“Genuinely, you look like you’ve been fuckin’ raped by a flag shop. You look like a cunt.”

I eagerly await what happens on their adventures and hopefully they don’t get beaten up for their overly patriotic attire.