Another Escalator In China Tried To Eat Another Lady, So It’s Clear The Machines Are Finally Revolting



It’s said that once you develop a taste for human flesh, nothing else will satiate you. It’s why cannibalism is so taboo. Not because it’s necessarily an inherently bad thing, lots of animals eat their dead, but because people are just so damn delicious that once you have one, you will be consumed by thoughts of consuming others.

It’s like heroin, really, and even if a small amount of people tried it, say around 2,000, that would be enough to wipe out the human race in three months.

Escalators in China now apparently have the craving for our succulent skin and chewy flesh. Earlier this summer, an escalator ate a woman whole. Now, two more have gone after people. As the below video shows, a woman this weekend almost sucummbed to one, and earlier in August, a man lost his leg after being trapped by an angry esclator.

Stay the fuck away from all machines to be safe. Or just don’t go to China. American escalators have yet to consume a person, and thus should still be considered safe.

[Via Mirror]