This Escalator Hand-Touching Prank Is Both Brilliant And Completely Idiotic, So Basically The Perfect Prank

by 4 years ago

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I’m calling it right now, we’re deep enough into 2016 now that I’m comfortable saying the ‘escalator prank’ or the ‘mall prank’ is officially the new ‘in the hood prank’. This escalator/mall prank is so stupid that I have to question the genesis of this prank. Perhaps the pranksters are those creepy dudes who ride the subway and rub up on people, or perhaps they witnessed that happening one too many times. Whatever the impetus for this prank was, I love it.

Here’s the premise: all day this dude rides the escalator at the mall, and when he passes a stranger he gently caresses that stranger’s hand, eliciting some of the funnier responses I’ve ever seen in a prank video:

I can’t quite say what it is I love about this prank so much. Perhaps it’s the fact that you never expect a stranger to touch your hands, ever. Think about it, has a stranger ever grabbed your hand out of nowhere to try and get your attention? Hell no. They tap you on the back, yell ‘hey you’ or something like that.

Nobody ever just touches your hands out of the blue, and that’s why these people are all so genuinely shocked this harmless escalator prank. Maybe I’m alone in thinking this one’s great though, I dunno, I was digging it and that’s all that f’n matters.

And if you’re hungry for more escalator pranks here’s another good one to get you through to the weekend.

[h/t Nou]

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