The Insane Video From When ‘America’s Got Talent’ Escapologist Almost Dies During A Show Only To Be Saved By Criss Angel

America’s Got Talent escapologist Spencer Horsman was trapped in a box filled with water suspended 30 feet above a stage when he became unconscious, causing Criss Angel to sprint onto the stage in an attempt to free him from the box. In the video you can see Angel pulling himself up by the chains attached to the box as crew members…well, they understandably start screaming. You’d think that there’d be an emergency protocol for this sort of thing other than “lose your shit and panic,” but to be fair even with loads of training some people just don’t do well under pressure.

The incident caused Angel to cancel two performances in the USA, and in a statement said:

“In an effort to ensure the safety of the cast and crew, we will be moving the opening night of Supernaturalists to June 26th. This show will make you question what you see with your own eyes.”

However, he neglected to comment on Horsman’s current state, as well as whether or not he would reappear in the show.

[H/T Mirror]