Map Shows What Every Country In The World Is #1 At And Somehow Peru Beat The USA As Being #1 In Cocaine

When I came across this map of ‘what every country in the world is #1 at’ I fully expected the USA to be #1 at being #1. So I was shocked to see the USA listed with some bullshit about emails and not bourbon production, largest penises in the world, or best smelling citizens.

This map comes from the website InformationIsBeautiful, and it depicts what every country in the world ranked as #1 for in the year of 2016, using the full calendar year of stats. Some countries have badass #1 rankings for things like Paid Time Off (Austria), Cocaine (Peru), Chinook Salmon (New Zealand), and Velociraptors (Mongolia). Other countries, well, they rank #1 for some really awful things like Unhappiness (Togo), Fat Kids (Libya), and Walnut Forests (Kyrgyzstan).

International Number Ones

International Number Ones


Spam emails? Really? Out of the infinite number of metrics the United States ranked #1 for in 2016, including WINNING SUMMER OLYMPICS MEDALS, they went with spam emails? Just doesn’t seem right.

If that image is too small for you broke ass eyeballs and you need to zoom in then you can find a much larger version of the map HERE and HERE.

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