Everything You Need To Know About Playboy’s Snapchat-Themed Re-Brand


Playboy Magazine has been around for 62 years. It’s print product pre-dates the JFK’s presidency and, considering that you’re reading this on BroBible, *probably* your parents birthday. Yet Hef’s magazine has always done a tremendous job of adapting to the times, like the full-bush era of the late ’70s and “landing strip” area of the ’90s.

Playboy pledged to no longer publish nudes a few months ago, which made a lot of people think they were doubling down on the whole “I only read it for the articles” thing. That may be the case, but the bunny ears empire is still sexing it up in the most 2016 way possible: With a Snapchat-themed “re-brand” for millennials, since that’s where everyone is sourcing their nudes from anyway these days.

Check out what we mean here. A full explanation in the video above.

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