Extremist Vegan YouTube Star Makes Sickening Comparison Of Eating Meat To Slavery And The Holocaust

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Vlogger Sorsha Morava has 93,762 subscribers to her YouTube account and her channel has received an impressive 14,653,101 views. So she must have some pretty amazing content to attract all of these viewers.

Let’s see… here are titles of some of her more riveting videos:

How To Eat Vegan At Restaurants w/ Friends and Family

Why I Think We Should Get Rid of Ugly People

I’m the Biggest Vegan Cunt

Furious Pete Worst of the Fitness Industry

Feminists are Rapists

My Boyfriend Wants Me To Wear Rotting Animal Skin

Sorsha sounds like a real hootenanny.

There’s also a video titled “I’M A RACiST PRIVILEGED VEGAN B*TCH” where she says “the same exact oppression that happened during slavery happens right this very second but its a different group of victims.”

By that logic your carnitas burrito that you ate at lunch is the same exact thing as slaves being tortured. So way to go you fucking meat-eating racist bigotted plantation slave owner!!!

“People who claim to be against discrimination, oppression, and for equality are consuming animal products and when you consume animal products you’re supporting exploitation, torture, rape, enslavement, and slaughter,” she said. “All of those things are oppression.”

“That’s not equality. How can you do that to one being but not the other?” Easy. One being is a human and the other is a bird-brained chicken that tastes soooo incredibly delicious, especially oven-roasted with a nice lemon garlic marinade or deep-fried with a nice honey mustard sauce. Mmmmmmm. Inequality between species is delectable.

“What we did to blacks during slavery is what were are currently doing to animals by consuming animal products,” Sorsha said in the YouTube video.

She then quoted her friend who said, “You can’t claim to be woke if you eat animal products.” Sorry fam, you ate a burger, so you’re not woke.

In a now-deleted tweet, Sorsha made a disgusting comparison of speciesism to racism by showing a black man hung by a noose next to a pig hanging (3:43 mark of the video).

As if comparing slavery to eating wasn’t alarming enough, Sorsha believes that the meat industry is just as heinous as the Holocaust. Yes that Holocaust carried out by the Nazis that slaughtered six million Jews during World War II.

“You’re not vegan, so you support the Holocaust,” she states. “Did you know that Hitler modeled the Jewish Holocaust after the meat industry?”

“The non-human holocaust is the largest to go on that most everyone is supporting because of their addiction to animal products.”

“So go vegan and don’t support the holocaust,” she says.

I don’t support the Holocaust, but I do support delectable, bloody, juicy steaks coming right off the grill.

Treat yourself to some Sorsha. I recommend the end piece that has a gorgeous sear.



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