10 Fascinating Facts About Sex That You Probably Didn’t Know But Should

Facts About Sex Science

YouTube - 301 Editing

When it comes to sex, as I always say, knowledge is power. You can never know too much about it or how to do it better.

That’s why when I run across articles or videos that help us to better understand the many intricacies involved in sex I always feel the need to share.

That and I always hope that something I share with you bros will help you (and me) get laid. Yeah, mostly that reason.

So that’s why I share this video with you today. Not only does it have some facts about sex you probably didn’t know it comes to us courtesy of science (at least that’s what 301 Editing, the folks who made it claim).

For instance, did you know that people in monogamous relationships are just as likely to contract STDs as people in non-monogamous relationships? Watch the video and you’ll see exactly why that is…

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