This Guy REPEATEDLY Failing At Escaping From Duct Tape Handcuffs Is Stupidity At Its Finest

Should you ever find yourself held hostage and restrained with a pair of duct tape handcuffs this gentleman is here to show you exactly how to NOT to break out of them…with priceless commentary, of course.

Watch as he repeatedly raises his arms up over his head and brings them down not doing one bit of damage to the duct tape whatsoever.

That’s the first lesson in how to NOT break out of duct tape handcuffs.

Here’s lesson two. Never give up. Keep trying to achieve something, not matter how stupid, and do it until you probably do some actual damage to yourself, because that’s what John Cena told you to do on WWE RAW. Oh, and be sure to film it and post it on YouTube.

Got it? Good.