Pittsburgh Restaurant Pretending To Be a Burger King — Isn’t That Treason?

All that glitters isn’t gold and all that pretends to be fast food isn’t the real deal. Especially this shady ass “Burger King” in Pittsburgh.

“The sign outside a South Side restaurant says Burger King, but Channel 11 reporter Timyka Artist reports that inside it’s not the real deal. Artist went in the restaurant to get answers from management. Artist and her photographer were asked to leave by a security guard.”

The security guard might be the first clue. Everyone knows the palace guards are responsible for maintaining order in every Burger King. The second clue is the fact that none of the food tastes like Burger King food and it comes in plain brown bags and dixie cups.

“Eventually, Artist said an assistant manager explained they’re in the process of transitioning to a new business called South Side Burgers. It’s even on the receipts.”

The customers demanded management make it clear the joint isn’t really a Burger King.

Done and done.

If the food isn’t that good, there is a McDowell’s right down the street.

[via WPXI]