This List Of The Most Famous Books From Each State Explains America Is A Screwed Up Place


Buckle in bros, we’re going to talk books. Books. Books that aren’t required reading in school. It will be fun, I promise. If it’s not, hand jobs on the house.

Business Insider compiled a list of the most famous books set in each state. It’s a fascinating look at just how screwed up this country is from state border to state border.


Business Insider

I’m assuming that if a book is set in a state, it’s a reflection of that state. For example, the most famous book set in Nevada is Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas. This means the entire state is filled with mescaline and coke addicted journalist riding around in convertibles alongside psychos. The most famous books from Colorado is The Shining. I’ve never been to Colorado, nor will I ever go now, if everyone is a writer turned killer running a vacant bed and breakfast.

Alright, so maybe this list isn’t really reflective of the true inhabitants of each state but I can say one thing for certain, this country is a sadistic bunch. Seriously, is there a cheerful title among these 50? Many of these books are SERIOUS downers. And could someone write a great book set in Washington so those poor bastards are saddled with Twilight for the rest of eternity.

Fine. Line up for your hand jobs.

H/T Business Insider

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