The Fat Jew Gave An Instagram Follower A VERY Difficult Choice To Win $10,000 Cash Money

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Many people on The Internet are not fans of The Fat Jew. Yet he still has 6.5 million followers on Instagram, takes baths in hot tubs full of food, and just published a book called Money Pizza Respect, complete with a book signing at Señor Frogs in Manhattan. Clearly he’s still a brand, even if he’s loathed in some circles.

But hey, let’s back up to this little viral stunt he pulled last week. He blasted out a message to his millions of followers that he’d be in a tiny room in an office building in New York’s Soho neighborhood. When one of his followers showed up, she was presented with a choice: Pull a string or take a duffle bag. One had $10,000. The other?

Cold cuts. Lots and lots of deli cold cuts.

Her choice turned out to be the right one. Of course, if you’re even in the fortuitous situation to give $10,000 CASH away to someone, making it rain from the ceiling is ALWAYS the logical choice.

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