Father Texts Racy Photo To Mom, Doesn’t Realize Daughter Is In Group Message And Shit Goes From 0 To 60 Real Fast

by 3 years ago

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Old people tend to not have a firm grasp of how technology works. For example, my grandpa does not understand that he doesn’t have to leave his cell phone in its charger 24/7 in order for it to work. Like dude, you took the call outside you can leave the phone wherever, you don’t have to sprint inside to plug it back in for it to work properly. Explaining how shit works is a lost cause, particularly whenever he asks me to “Delete the Google from my laptop.”

Luckily for me, while I’ve had to deal with figuring out how to delete Google, I’ve never had to put up with nudes from my parents in a group message. Ugh.







Priorities man, priorities. No one cares that the daughter’s gonna kill herself when there’s roast beef on the line for dinner. Roast beef > putting a child through college, at least in my book.

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