This Father’s Reaction To His Son Coming Out Is The Most Disgusting And Ignorant Thing You’ll Read Today

Even though we like to believe that the world we live in has become increasingly tolerant towards people of varying sexual orientations, in reality there’s still bigots hurling out hate left and right no matter where you are. Granted, it’s gotten better…but it’s still not perfect.

Case in point: a 15-year-old Tumblr blogger known only as “Tyler” decided to finally come out to his family back in December, only to have his father have a goddamn meltdown in what is probably the most disgusting display of ignorance that I’ve seen in a while (and I sat through an entire episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians last night, I’ll have you know).

According to Huffington Post, both of Tyler’s sisters supported his coming out, and while his mother was shocked at first she eventually told him that she accepts him the way that he is. As for how he took his father’s reaction:

“I’m upset with what my dad said, but I don’t hate him,” the teen said, turning emotional as he described his hopes for their relationship.

“I’m hoping there’s still the possibility that he could change, even it takes while.

Maybe he could accept me, because that’s all I want… I just want him to be there for me.”

Fingers crossed for ya, kid.

[H/T Huffington Post, images via Twitter]