Chart Showing What People Fear Vs. What Actually Kills Them Proves We’re All Worried About The Wrong Things

by 5 years ago
Nervous Man


People are freaking out about Ebola. Most of the fear stems from people being in the dark about how the disease is spread. What we don’t know, might kill us.

The chart below proves sometimes it’s the stuff we don’t even think about that can put us 6-feet under.



Most of us are scared of shit that has little chance of ever happening, let alone, killing us. For example, about half the population is scared of dying of a snake bite but how often are we in situations where it’s even possible? Same with wasps and spiders and something crazy called lightening dogs.

But no one ever goes “oh, I’m worried my doctor might kill me, because he’s an idiot.” Look at Joan Rivers — poor woman goes in for routine surgery and now she’s headlining in the big room in the sky.

So, in conclusion, fuck snakes and fear doctors.

H/T Reddit