If You Think Kids Make Terrible Pets You Haven’t Seen Anything As Awful As The Fennec Fox



Based on this video I’m pretty sure even Sonic the Hedgehog would be exhausted from owning a Fennec Fox. Ever since I first heard about the Fennec Fox species years and years ago I’ve been intrigued by them, as most people are, because they’ve got this big ass ears that make them look adorable. Given how adorable the fennec fox is it’s perfectly normal that many people would assume fennec foxes would easy pets: they’re small, they’re cute…what could go wrong, right? That’s why anyone interested in the fennec fox needs to google ‘Fennec Fox As A Pet’ and see just how fucking horrific they are to keep in a home….Well, you could Google that or you could just watch this video below:

I’m not even trying to holler at keeping a few kids around the house as pets for AT LEAST another decade or so. The fennec fox in that video looks like ‘Beginner Mode’ compared to what it’d be like to raise a child. If you or someone you know are thinking about getting a fennec fox as a pet then you need to watch, re-watch, and/or share this video until you’ve realized just how stupid of a decision that would be.

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