Millionaire Heir To The Fiat Car Fortune Arrested For Faking His Own Kidnapping In A Crazy Story


If you were to judge a man by glimpses of his Instagram account, you’d probably take a glimpse at Lapo Elkann’s exotic cars and life of luxury and be like “that man has it all.” The Italian-born millionaire may be the heir to the Fiat Automobile fortune, but he was just busted by the NYPD for faking his own kidnapping in a scheme that’s stranger than fiction. It has it all! Flying to NYC on Thanksgiving! Buying a hooker! Doing cocaine in a housing project! Trying to ransom one’s own family for cash! According to NY Magazine’s The Cut:

Elkann, 39, allegedly came up with the false-kidnapping plot after flying to New York on Thursday and hiding out at a Manhattan housing project with a 29-year-old male escort he found online, according to the Daily Beast. The two men reportedly consumed alcohol, marijuana, and cocaine for two days before running out of cash. At that point, Elkann, the youngest grandson of late Fiat chief Gianni Agnelli, falsely warned his relatives that he had been kidnapped by a woman and that, unless they paid her $10,000, he would be hurt.

Elkann’s family reached out to the New York Police Department about the ransom. The cops then lured Elkann and the alleged escort to a spot to collect the cash — and “pounced” on the two men as soon as they arrived, the Daily Beast reports. Elkann was charged with filing a false police report and given a desk ticket.

Is that some dumb scheme this dude and his escort dreamed up on drugs in a housing project? What in the hell?

And as for his Instagram account? Here’s what I mean when I say it’s all smoke and mirrors bullshit:

Cool cars, Bro. Maybe focus on getting your damn finances in line.