Fidget Spinners Are Being Used As Religious Symbols Now Because At This Point, Why The Hell Not?

fidget spinners religious symbols


Fidget spinners, am I right? I’ve seen them in sporting goods stores, grocery stores, movie rental stores, gas stations, they’re literally everywhere. I, however, am proud to say that I do not own a single one. Why do I say I am proud? Because at all of those stores I mentioned I have looked and even picked up more than one fidget spinner and thought about buying one, but I didn’t. Yet.

Now I might have to get one since apparently there is potentially some deeper religious meaning being applied to these annoying little bastards. That’s because they have suddenly started making appearances in the hands of holy men at churches and now I wonder if God doesn’t WANT me to buy one.

See what I mean?

Christian Today journalist Joseph Hartropp knows what I mean…

Its tripartite design does resemble certain images of the Trinity. And while objects like three-leaf clovers have been touted in the past as analogies for Gods triune nature, the Fidget Spinner goes further because it spins – and so perhaps better captures the dynamic movement, equality and relationality of the Godhead. After all, it’s been popular to describe the mutual indwelling of the persons of the Trinity – the perichoresis (Latin for ‘rotation’)– as a ‘divine dance’.


Hartropp continues…

There’s something a little cheesy about Christians always pointing to culture’s latest fad, seizing the opportunity to declare that ‘God is just like that!’ Then again, Christian theology would also say its basic to humanity to seek God out and ponder his mystery, looking for connections in creation.

It may be cheesy, but I don’t know, it’s happened so often now that I think I am starting to believe in the spiritual power of the fidget spinner…


Just one question though. Does that mean that these new toothpick crossbows that are also now all the rage are the work of Satan?

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