FINALLY, There’s A Cure For Hangovers…But It Costs $250

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Not gonna lie, I’d shell out the money for this. My hangovers aren’t just a few hours, they last from 6 in the morning when I wake up to go puke until 8 p.m. when I can finally take a normal shit that isn’t hot lava erupting out of my butthole. My only concern is that it’s all administered by I.V., and I’m not about that needle life.

“The I.V. Doctor, a service started in December by New York urologist Dr. Elliot Nadelson… totes intravenous hydration and other medicine to help quell hangovers to ailing New Yorkers in luxe Hamptons beach homes, and apartments and offices throughout the city. Dr. Adam Nadelson said the service has about 60 nurses in the city and 12 more in the Hamptons, who set clients up with about 200 ml of fluid, and any combination of anti-nausea, anti-heartburn and anti-inflammatory or headache medicine. The full cocktail of all the drugs, which Nadelson said is their most popular request, costs $249.”

While it’s not a “miracle cure” by any means, it’s better than spending your day contemplating thoughts of suicide and repeatedly telling yourself “I am never drinking again. Ever.” and then going out and getting trashed two days later. Taking into account that the nurses are basically a personal drug delivery service and go wherever you are, the price doesn’t even seem that high. One man who requested to only be identified as “Jon,” had the nurse report to him while at work.

“In a small, discrete conference room at his office, a nurse hooked him up to the I.V. bag while he checked emails for the next 40-or-so minutes, and she left in time for him to start his day.”

Via CNN Money

But alas, not everyone is like Jon. Us peasants have to stick with our bottled water and Advil to get rid of that lovely hungover feeling…at least until they (hopefully) start offering Groupons for the service.

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