Firefighter Saves Suicide Jumper’s Life With An Epic Dropkick To The Chest

A woman in Fortaleza, Brazil was on the verge of making life’s most selfish decision, and taking her own life. She wanted to jump from the 10th floor of an apartment building and leave the world behind. But one brave fireman clamped on his rappelling gear, drop kicked her in the chest, and said NOPE….So maybe it wasn’t the fireman that was doing the screaming, but whoever was filming this video did enough yelling for the both of them.

Not only did that fireman just save her life, but he did so in quite possibly the most badass rescue we’ve ever seen. It’s one thing to talk a jumper down using a bullhorn, spending hours convincing that person that life is worth living. But it’s a much greater thing to rappel from one floor to the next, and drop kick a jumper off the ledge.

Another angle of the rescue shows the woman talking with a person in the next window over. Presumably this was a tactic used to divert her attention before the fireman. The only thing that was missing before he dropped that kick into her chest was a loud proclamation of ‘belay on!’

Aaaand a few more times/angles in animated GIF: